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ELIXIR OF LIFE, 1 HOUR & 20΄/110€
Restoring body energy, balancing body aura, revitalising, detoxifying, combats cellulite and obesity, speeds up metabolic rate, improves skin firmness. An alchemist’s secret from Antiquity, which blends the four elements of life: water, air, earth & fire. The best known goal of the alchemists was the transmutation of common metals into gold. This exclusive skin therapy harnesses nature’s most luxurious element-GOLD and the delicate scents of wild flowers from the plains and desert with incredible revitalizing effects that rejuvenate skin and boost vitality. Let skin pores open up in the sauna and prepare body and mind for the ultimate pampering that follows. Sink into the deep hydrotherapy tub and enjoy the effect as oxygen balls enhance the effect with fizzling bath salts and essential oils, while dozens of waters jets stream pressurized water to specific problems areas. A gentle body exfoliation using the healing power of gold, minerals, artemissia and passion flower to leave the body glowing. Smoothness, suppleness and body energy are restored with the application of a rich body mask. Finish with a light massage with replenishing golden powder and body cream for deep moisturizing, while sipping the Potion of Life!

Slimming, body toning and revitalisation, antistress, combats insomnia, dehydration, suitable for sunburn. This divine full-body Elixir was inspired by ancient beauty secrets. Relax body and mind in the sauna to open the pores. Sea salt, used as a natural scrub, is applied to exfoliate and cleanse your skin. After an invigorating jet shower, rich full body sea mud envelopment restores your pH balance and deeply reconditions your skin. Caviar extract is the secret ingredient in the ultra-moisturizing body mask that tones and firms skin, leaving it smooth and radiant.

Detoxifies, combats cellulite and obesity, revitalises, moisturises, tones and firms the skin, speeds up metabolic rate, anti-stress. Our Garden Elixir programme is a celebration of Flower and Sea gardens. It combines body detoxification using algae treatments and body exfoliation and nourishing using the aromas of Greece. A short session in the sauna will prepare you for the ultimate pampering treatment. A gentle body exfoliator from our herb garden starts the purification process, followed by an algae body mask. Let the active ingredients work, whilst you are cocooned, in a comforting wrap. Indulge in a relaxing aroma massage using island herbs and Mediterranean flowers. A classic way for balancing your body with a choice of almond, olive or orange active ingredients, according to skin type and personal preference.
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♥ Love Potion

An absolutely sensual ritual for two to tantalize & delight!Share an unforgettable experience with your partner.



Hot Chocolate

A unique nourishing, stress-reducing body and facial treatment performed with chocolate to invigorate and revitalize you from head to toe. Chocolate is an antidote for premature ageing and leaves your skin smooth and replenished.
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