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Internal Rules & Regulations

  • Use of the Grecoland facility is free for all resort guests aged 3-12 years.
  • Grecoland is supervised by multi-lingual, trained personnel.
  • Kids who are aged less than 3 years are also welcome to use the club facilities or join activities, provided they are accompanied by an adult or a guardian.
  • Depending on the number of kids present, the club proposes on a daily basis, activity programmes adapted to two different age groups, namely: 3 to 6 years and 7 to 12 years.
  • The Grecoland Club opening and closing hours are available from Grecoland or Reception. Outside operating hours, the hotel accepts no liability for children using the facilities.
  • Participation in the activities requires the parent or guardian’s registration of the child at the club and adherence to the internal rules and regulations of the club.
  • Kids’ registration can be done at any time during operation hours of the Grecoland, although we would recommend registration in the morning or early afternoon following lunch.
  • In order to ensure optimum operation of the club, parents are invited to point out any health problem, as well as provide any information relative to the well-being of their child(ren) or other kids present.
  • Children who are sick or exhibit signs of illness may not participate in programmes.
  • Due to safety and liability concerns, Grecoland staff will not be able to administer medications to children.
  • Children are not permitted to leave the Club without a responsible adult. Children aged over 8 years may leave if you have given special permission to the club supervisor.
  • Activities proposed in the programmes are subject to change depending on weather conditions and the number of kids present for the activity.
  • Kids registered at the club are invited to participate in group activities designed for their age group as proposed in the programme advertised. It is strongly recommended that kids arrive before the beginning of each activity in order to avoid any waiting time.
  • It is essential for each child to be equipped with either a hat or cap, sun cream, swimsuit, change of clothing, swimming aids for those who cannot swim, since these items are not provided by Grecoland.
  • We recommend that children do not bring valuables (jewelry, mobile phones, electronic games, etc.) with them to the club. The hotel cannot be held responsible for any loss, damage of any items during participation in the programme.
  • The aim of the Grecoland club is for the enjoyment of everyone. For this reason, children who are repeatedly disruptive or unruly will be returned to their parents/guardian and may be excluded from further participation.
  • In case you do not wish your child to participate in an activity proposed in the programme which requires a financial participation, another free activity will be proposed to the child(ren).
  • You must collect your child at closing time. Any additional hours will be charged as babysitting.
  • If you leave the resort when your child is at the Club, you must inform the club supervisor of your whereabouts and how you can be contacted.
  • In the event of an accident, illness or emergency the team will contact the parents/guardian immediately. Should you be unreachable, you must authorise the officers, employees or agents of the Grecotel Hotel to take whatever steps they deem necessary or appropriate, including obtaining emergency medical treatment. In the event of a doctor’s visit, medical or hospital expenses, the parent/guardian must reimburse the hotel for all expenses incurred.



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